By RHODA AMON- July 2006

"The first issue of Latinas Write... Escriben, a literary magazine, with cover art by Gwynne Duncan."

Sharing thier stories Bilingual magazine gives a voice to Latinas... Latina Writers Workshop, the newly formed bilingual extension of Herstory, a nonprofit group founded 10 years ago to give voice to Long Island women whose lives are anonymous and unsung... Erika Duncan, a Sag Harbor novelist and founder of Herstory Leads a group of Latina and Anglo writers in Farmingville..."


The Los Angeles Times

By PAUL LIEBERMAN- October, 2001

Gwynne Duncan changed "Empress".

The Hue and Cry of Art: Responding in N.Y. to the Terrorist Attacks"'...Gwynne Duncan, a 32-year-old Brooklyn artist, did change her work. Duncan was not finished with two lush paintings, one titled "Empress," showing a saintly woman in repose, "dreaming of a better world." Before the attack, her eyes were open. "After, I felt the need to close them," Duncan said. "It took over a week for me to return to those paintings. I wanted to do something new but felt frozen, and obligated to finish what I started. I wanted them as peaceful and calm as possible after what happened." Her new works will be on display Saturday, in a show that may be the most direct attempt to tie art to the events of a month earlier..."

The New York Times

By EVE M. KAHN- October, 2001

A Roman God Watches Over Straphangers "Near the token booth, on space normally reserved for ads, neighborhood artists have hung eight paintings...a depiction of a scupulously neat 1940's subway car by Gwynne Duncan..."


The Hill


"This summer, an exciting new collection of art will debut in the Clinton/Washington subway stop on the G line... Gwynne Duncan is doing a subway painting that pictures a simpler life of the 40's and has a folk art feel."

The East Hampton Star


"Gwynne Duncan, a Sag Harbor and New York City artist, will show her paintings, prints and drawings at Canio's from Sunday through June 22. Her work draws thematically on medieval dress and architecture, incorporating the colors of India and Mexico with Japanese patterning..."

"If I were queen of the Castle"